TH-43 – our system of artificial intelligence, patent of Trader-help for safe trading, program that is in charge of analyzing all the products:

· Forex
· Crypto currencies
· Shares
· Commodities
TH-43 performs mathematical algorithms with the information and real data it obtains from the markets generating trade signals. Depending on the circumstances, you will choose the best entry time.

· 100% reliability
· Indicates the entry “buy” or “sell”
· Discover the false signals and manipulation in the markets
· Does not lose efficiency because it is updated 24-7
· Immunized to working hours, fatigue and emotions
· Especially effective in daily trading
· We offer training and support by phone

Sometimes, many investors tend to make mistakes that make them miss many opportunities to make a good investment. They are paralyzed by the fear of risking too much or they throw themselves into the void to hunt down an opportunity that is not as good as they thought.

Facilitate your trade by avoiding losses and trusting the information of the TH-43. Thus, no technical analysis is required with a graphs.

  • TH-43 Market Analyzer SILVER

    25.00 / month
  • TH-43 Market Analyzer GOLD

    50.00 / month
  • TH-43 Market Analyzer PLATINUM

    99.00 / month